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Prediction versus Prophesy

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

I love this topic as a reader. It is controversial, many people make judgements about it. There are biblical references putting an even more intense spin onto these concepts. Basically both lead to treasure, one is a gamble and the other has a higher cause. If you are a teacher of love, you will have to also teach morals or how to be a good person. Hopefully within these teachings are the ideas of considering more than just thyself as well as teaching honesty, communication skills, active listening, and ultimately how to love one self enough to love others. When one prophesies higher words are spoken. It is more important than just teaching basics fundamentals of do unto others and how to be a decent person. Prophecies are for the greater good. Prophecies show how your journey will also effect others in a profound way so that they grow and develop as not just a person in the world but a catalist toward the betterment of humanity. Predictions are algarithms, slot machine readings. Do you like going to Las Vegas with all of the noise, smoke and mirrors? This is not what a true reader does, although many people want lottery numbers or demand tell me now yes or no kind of answers. A true lover of God, a true Prophet will speak a higher truth that your soul understands and when you find someone who understands this kind of language, these types of readings are the most beautiful. They add to the great mystery called your life and highlight how your purpose begins to unfold. You will no longer have to judge what others who have nothing to do with you are doing. You will disolve into the glory of your own life that God has given to you. Predictions are not prophecies just as glitter is not gold.

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