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Our Story

Experience Tranquility

Reiki Vila Cova is located in the the beautiful Douro Valley in Northern Portugal.  Rustic and graceful fruit trees, fresh flowers and a touch of mystery will embrace you.  Whether you are staying for an extended weekend or taking a small group retreat Reiki Vila Cova is just enough to recharge your senses.

Reiki Vila Cova is more than a retreat. It is a state of being both tranquil and still.  They say that bodies rest in motion and as you calm yourself you can see all the amazing things going on inside of you. You will hear your inner voice whispering its beautiful lulliby. Your intuition sharpens as your outlook softens.

Reiki has an ancient history that comes from Japan.  Reiki means "universal" and this is important to understand that energy is all around us everywhere in everything. Reiki treatments work on the energetic body.  There are a growing number of scientic benefits from complementary practices such as reiki. Medical offices use reiki as an after care session to aid in rest for the body to heal itself.

Whether you are receiving a treatment, signing up for a retreat, or simply researching more about subtle energy Reiki Vila Cova is here to support your journey.  All are welcome.  I have been blessed to learn from some of the best teachers from around the world.  A blessing gained is a blessing shared.  I cannot wait meet and work with you.


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