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7 Deadly Sins, 7 Chakras

In the last blog writing I highlighted the idea of taking time to sit still and consider who are in your own world espeically matching natural seasons of the year. The consept of developing your God ear is a great gift once your try it. It will not be long before you love your inner world. It must be faced in a grounded way, not a fantastic way. But I have a rosary on my windshield, you say. I go to chruch every Sunday. I give to charity. I pray for my community. I do believe in God you say. All of these outward expressions are reminders or reflections of the LOVE that you have for self and yes for God as well but they are not actually developing the listening for your God voice.

How do I listen to my inner self. How do I transform myself without self help books or things that I do not believe in or agree with? Consider this!

It is not new information that the human body has energy centers. Most everyone has heard of yoga and meditation by now in 2022. Using this information quickly and concisely take a look at how the energy centers of an Eastern Holistic approach matches to a Western Monotheistic viewpoint. Maybe using both bits of information can help lead the way to learning what all religions try to teach in their own way, lead the way to SELF LOVE.

Root Chakra - (1st deadly sin) Wrath - How do you counter balance wrath in your life?

Sacral Chakra - (2nd deadly sin) Lust - How do you overcome lustfulness in your life?

Solar Plexus - (3rd deadly sin) Gluttony - How do you overcome gluttony in your life?

Heart Chakra - (4th deadly sin) Envy - How do you overcome envy in your life?

Throat Chakra - (5th deadly sin) Greed - How do you overcome greed in your life?

3rd Eye Chakra - (6th deadly sin) Sloth - How do you overcome slothfulness in your life?

Crown Chakra - (7th deadly sin) Pride - How do you overcome pride in your life?

Do you really know what each deadly sin means? How do you know if you are experiencing one of these imbalances? The point is not to be hard on yourself? The idea is to be honest and understanding with your OWN SELF so that you can learn to improve your behaviors and as a result the quality of your life, the quality of life around you. Remember every person has the same challenges to varying degrees yet some are doing the work to improve and others are not. Encourage each other to improve instead of enabling each other to remain unhealthy. Most importantly take time to look within.

Think of the common habit of gossip. We all love it but in the end it hurts others and shows what a boring person we really are to have time to sit around and criticize someone else. Think about these things and strive for change, true change comes from within from simple awareness. It is not rocket science and it takes 2 minutes to get started.

Bright blesssings!

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