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Purpose or Repurpose

'Tis the season for shopping, parties, festive hellos, feasting and all the other ways that we meet and greet to bring a sense of warmth to this holiday season. I do not know many people who do not like this time of year for one reason or another, but the expectations can really be draining. Take a deep breathe, you are not alone. Some just like the cooler darker days for sleep, rest, and relaxation. There is nothing wrong with this more natural approach to the holidays. In fact lets all honor each others needs for happy-happy or hibernation.

This post is not about anything spritual, or religious, nor uppidy, not even a date reminder. As we reflect on the year gone by, as we enjoy each twinkling light remember that there is a higher purpose for our being. Certainly who does not love a gift but bring thoughtful awareness to each action, the real present right?. Naturally give into the enjoyment. Look at the faces around you or the scenery or your beloved pets and appreciate the love and care that has been part of your year, and then enduldge, nothing wrong.

Ring a bell, sing a song, eat a cookie or two and let go. For me, I love a good vintage store. I love the idea of breathing fresh life into something completely useful and the tiny bit of doing good for the planet at the same time. That does not mean I will give a second hand gift, but how I am creating awareness and the giving back to mother earth enhances my experience. That is all, just a moment of stillness. Just a quick hello, a god rest ye merry gentlemen, a Merry Christmas Santa and May God Bless Us Everyone!

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