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Do You Block Your Blessings?

Working as a reader is a pleasure. There are interesting patterns that show up with clients and just people in general. It is the concept of blessings and receiving what we feel we are owed or what we feel that we deserve that I find particulary interesting expecially around this time of the year. Do you love your life and the all the beautiful life that surrounds you? Did you purposefully craft out your home details and its environment? Many people utilize intention to craft their precious creature comforts. Once fully able to make our surroundings harmonious, when we have a little extra we bless others. We take care of animals. We strive to make our community better for the greater good. This is the work of creation and intention, the blessing way.

When a client approaches me with a question, the way that they approach "the ask" is crucial and will set the tone for their whole reading. It is also a key to the individuals' abundance in life. It needs to be said that the blessing way that I speak of are directed towards those who do not self medicate their life away with drugs, alcohol and other habbit forming addictions. Health and vitality is the first cornerstone towards a truly flowing life. If you or anyone you know struggles with these types of maladies, seek professional help.

Demands and expecting a reader to unlock secrets with in 3 to 5 minutes is disingenuous. This person shows their colors immediately. Arguementative and ego driven this person presents their question from the space of, " I am owed from you and from everyone. Now give me my answer". This happens all before we exchange names and even see if we have communication ability. This person will naturally have a poor reading as well as many blocks to their own blessings. They will often feel victimized and look for a way to blame the reader and others for the lack in their life. Having not stepped foot onto the innerworking of their spiritual path the reading that I am able to give to them will be a mere reflection of their poor feelings about themselves.

Can you imagine demanding and criticizing a waitress in a restaurant as soon as she brings the water to the table? This is a very typical scenerio for psychic readers. The bigger issue though is blessings. While that rude patron will leave a self entitled bad review, they are also self sabotoging what the creator has in store for their life. On the other hand, when someone approaches their reading with a respectful demeanor, speaking politely and allowing the door of spirit to open there is no telling what answers will be revealed. The advice will be specific to thier needs and the universal conversation takes over. This is the blessing, grace in action. More will be revealed always as we are never finished and the patron goes away happy to have more understanding of their personal life. It has nothing to do with me as reader and everything to do with the persons' ability to receive.

These two examples show a simple truth of how to remain open to the gifts that God wants to give to you. We need to remember that it is often our own concepts, limitations, past experiences, family belief systems, emotional scars and or resentments that block the flow of love, light and prosperity into our lives. It is easy to point finges at a psychic reader, for example, as to why you are not getting what you expect. But if you are able to look a little deeper and to reflect upon yourself the unraveling will begin. Mysteries will reveal themselves to you. Not unlike a quickening, the beating of your heart will knock just a little bit louder and quite possibly the healing journey that you have been longing for will truly begin.

Tears, laughter, unexpressed joy and many other cleansing emotions will accompany your blessing way. As a result new inspirations will come to you and new levels of trust upon your innerworkings will happen. Blessings are fullfilled when we work towards the enlightening of our own heart. It is true, this is the season for giving. But first we must have something to give. Together we can discover what it takes to unlock what we are all longing for. Our paths are all indiviual in nature but when I share my blessings with you it becomes lighted. You in return will initiate the journey for someone else. A river of blessings is formed. This is the flow, this is the blessing way.

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