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Forever Grateful 2024 and Always

It is so profound the simplicity of the moment. To be able to appreciate even while in solitude a celebration of time gone by and the elequance of change. It requires no words or opinons to experience and time has nothing to prove to anyone. It just is. In the midst of time and change is where this transformation of self occurs. It is not transformation that anyone is actually after. For if human beings longed to transform, eat one meal and digest and you will see how simple it is to transform any given situation. If you know right from wrong, choose right. Transform. If you can do any sort of self reflection, which any healthy individual can, simply reveiw daily what went right, what went wrong and make corrections. In that simple 3 steps you have transformed the situation. This is not rocket science and no amount of real time should be spent on choosing to do things true and correctly. Either you do or you do not. If you do not, transform your situation. Everyone will thank you for it.

Let's talk about paradigm shifts. Now that is a golden expression fit for the year of the dragon! What makes a metal stick coated with some chemicals once struck with a match ignight into something festive and beautiful? Someone could say that combustion transformed the materiel but I say it is a profound shift in consequence that a pretty little dazzly light is formed from a piece of otherwise coated wire. This is a paradigm shift. It is not only the movement of energy, a fixed object takes a whole new form. That is the conversation that I long to see for this upcoming sweetly abundant, balanced and luxurious year of 2024.

This is what everyone searches for in one way or another. Like a lit match striking a sparkler it only takes a second for the shift to happen yet where do we find our own personal match. How fantastic to see this conversation unravel all other possibilities that we once knew for a fact were right about who we are and who we think that we are. If this conversation is unwound with a singular thread remaining called love our real work on this planet can begin. Who knows, maybe even the Gods will be entertained.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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