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Bright Blessings Saint Brigid!

Invocation to Saint Bride ~ by John Irvine

Dear Saint Brigid of The Kine

Bless these little fields of mine

The pastures and the shadey trees

Bless the butter and the cheese

Bless the cows with coats of silk

And the brimming pails of milk

Bless the hedgerows, and I pray

Bless the seed beneath the clay

Bless the hay and bless the grass.

Bless the seasons as they pass

And heaven's blessings will prevail,

Brigid - Mary of the Gael

artist unknown

Goddess of healing waters and wells, inspiration, and the sacred fire in your hearth!

Today marks the mid-winter time when little changes lead to the joy and productivity of the year to come. Take time today to break bread with family or friends (or deep dish chicago style pizza in my bungalow :)). Together say a little prayer or write a poem. Show appreciation for all the earth provides in the form of sustanance, clean water to drink and the healing waters that brings warmth to aching bones. Add an essential oil to the water used to clean your home to uplift your senses instead of spraying harsh chemicals and cleansers.

Take time to learn from others who share wisdom in order for the earth to be a blessing to all.

Writing poetry, lighting a candle or fire in your fireplace, traveling to somewhere sunny and warm, taking a dip in the bath or flowing body of water or celebrating with like minded souls are all ways to honor this time of year. It is a time of healing and nurturing, visualizing and creating. Find your internal inspiration. Prayers and flowers are welcome.

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