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Celtic Lakshmi

The other day I was trying to figure out how to put together a youtube channel with videos. How to add thumbnails, how to incorporate music, just how it works in general. I spend 70% of my time alone. I thought it would be nice to do something that felt fun to me since I live in a horrible city with not much to do mostly because the culture is not what I grew up with or really even like ie. celebrity culture. (Not trying to be mean but I'm into nature and I'm super bookish, I don't party and I'm an old lady for lack of better words, I like to talk about stuff other than gossip and I drink tea). Can I tell you that within - not even within - 24 hours of posting one sample, trial video, I was cyber bullied! Ha! I was in the post office running errands and reading remarks and I was like, people if you only knew what you were doing and talking about you would be apologizing. Plus don't watch my stupid video if you don't like it. It is not about you! I was not even getting started after what felt like going around and around the youtube stupid style app or whatever. The progam is heavy, its outdated and I could not see where anything was landing until I published my 30 second trial video no less. I'll find somewhere else to post thank you very much for that conflated experience.

And this is how the world works. Inspite of these types of things, the Universe, ie God, still blesses me. My intentions are pure, my life is good. My vision is unique. What is mine won't go to you. What is yours won't go to me. I don't want what you have but I am ok with interacting in the world and building bridges, to connect, to share, to be real. I am happy being me. Om Sri Lakshmiyei Namaha, Hari Om. Aum. Amen. The rain continues to come down on my little garden and cleanses this space. I love it. All is well. This ends the conversation about Self Realization. Peace, peace, peace to you in all that you do.

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