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Clear the Clutter; Bring in a New You

I love wintry weather, without high drama, of the season. Rain, where I currently live and snow in other places allow your natural rythm to slow down, relax under a blanket, stop moving around and just be. Of course our society teaches us to go, to go, and to go. Never stop talking, never stop moving, never stop to consider what we might do better in our lives and the lives of others, just go. What would happen if we combined our need to be productive with also signals from nature to slow down some times and listen to the noise in our mind, and let the noise transform into a prayer or beautiful song. Would we have a more compassionate world? A smarter world? A more productive cycle? Better relationships? More creative ideas? How about peaceful surroundings?

I agree with mother nature in her smart way of creating a beautiful garden across the land year after year. Today and this week has been filled with drizzle and rain with moments of clouds breaking for clarity. I have had time to clean out my closet. Unload piles of papers and books I no longer read. Letting go of old ideas and old things, things not needed cluttering up the space allows me to breathe and think. I can relax more. The sound of the wind and dropplets of rain on my window calms my nerves from the stress of living in an unconscious city filled with filth, crime and unnecessary noise. I sit and consider why this city is the way that it is? Who created this type of place and why so many people exist lacking harmony with the surroundings, with others, within themselves, in ignorance. The culture here is aggressive and grotesque.

Using quiet time I think of contrasting places and spaces where you can literally feel the difference in the air, somehow nature is pleased with the people and how they strive for harmony while leading busy lives. I use these people and memories of a better culture to guide my vision for the next year to come. While sitting in stillness I can see how I would like my life to take shape. I can see how to navigate being productive and still honoring my intuitive voice that tells me clearly the best solutions for every day life. I am grateful for the contrast of what I consider those who walk with God and those who are disgraceful. We all long for the freedom that gracefulness grants us. Yet who is willing to do the work, sitting still when the natural mother, mother nature gives us time and opportunity to naturally clean up our lives. Do you listen to the wisdom of nature? Can you hear the wise voice internally that tells you right from wrong? Do you develop your Godly ear or do you choose ignore the time you have to better yourself and transform your clouded nature to one that is full of harmony and health.

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