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Finding Your Flavor

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Balancing the body may seem daunting. With so much marketing on diet, health and skin care which one is correct? The sincere answer is that there is no one size fits all health routine. It takes time, study, effort or a skilled holistc doctor to find the right combination of foods, herbal prepartations and exercize to keep the body vital. The best indicator of health is to ask oneself: How do I feel? How do I feel physically? How do I feel mentally? How do I feel emotionally? Now pour yourself a warm cup of tea and ask yourself again: How do I really feel? Within this quesioning the journey of self begins. Just what is finding your unique flavor? It is the essence of life that we are all secretly looking for. It's the beautiful balance that exits without effort. Please join me. Let's sit down for a cup of tea and discover what the body needs to be whole at this time. There are many layers that will reveal themselves but we all must begin the process to dive deeper into our own personal life. It is never too late to begin. Let us start with a cup of tea and a few basic questions. Your true journey stars with you. Love, u

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