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From Red to Pink

Finally it is that time when all the vibrant red from Christmas holiday and winterberry season softens a little into shades of scarlet, heather pinks, and blushing violets. No one can resist the call of a new love on the horizon. Am I currently happy? Will I find new love? Will old love remain? Will he or she reach out to me? What will 2023 bring.

As a psychic reader I love this time of year. I love the promise of flowers blooming in others' lives. I also feel that the whole vibration out and about lifts even if it is due to a commercial holiday. Nature is a constant reminder that guides all of our seasonal moods.

We all long to be happy. We all long for that eternal happiness. It is in our nature to look at the world around to fulfill our happiness. We look in earth's pretty natural settings, beautiful cities, art forms, jewelry, adventures, even in the clothes that we wear and yes, we do hope other people will fulfill our happiness. There is nothing wrong in finding joy in the gifts of life around us even though it is just a moment of gratitude.

This Valentine season give yourself a gift. Find a time of quiet solidtude where you can listen to your inner voice and get to really know yourself. Learn to understand what drives you. Who is the artist inside making daily choises? With the true understanding of self a whole new dimention will open up for you to enjoy. This is true love. It is the bouquet that you can share will others and it will continue to grow the more you nurture your internal relationship.

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