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Happy Three Kings Day!

However you celebrate the beauty of the world, I hope that you take time to reflect on the Epiphany. What does it mean and what does it mean to you. Spiritual richness is the most beautiful and efficient way of life. Ring a bell, say a prayer and lead your life in the pursuit of enriching your belief in a Higher Power.

I do have a wish for this year. My wish is that we all come to know what it means to " drop into the love in our heart ". I heard a very spiritual and mystical person say that the other day. Some days all that I can do is listen to my breathing if even for just 2 minutes a day. Reflecting on my latest adventure there are certain places where I feel the sweetness of life and there are other places where it is just a bunch of chaos and for no good reason. I cannot promise that I will love everything or everywhere. I will make a committment to take the next step in my spiritual growth as well as developing the other facets of my life. Join me, start today on this unique holiday.

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