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Healing Temple

Scrolling through different images of retreats and getaways is inspiring. So many people are working towards helping others find their journey in life more fullfilling. Isn't if funny how becoming calm creates a depth of richness that those running tensly competing for attention do not experience. Taking a retreat quiets the senses. We receive dreams, answered prayers, new ideas and so on. I have made a lifetime of healing retreat moments.

From learning about ancient medicinal practicies in Indian to envisioning my own little farmhouse cabana each experience has brought me to a state of calm, of satisfaction. Surprisingly to me offering psychic readings is included in my practice. It was intimidating at first but now I love watcing the process that unfold for others who dare to ask questions. Usually the deeper questions start with the word, "why?". This is the critical moment when I see someone knocking on their own healing temple.

My job is not to heal anyone. I have the priveledge of edging a person just a little bit closer to their own self. Each question and each reading is a maze that one must walk through. Not unlike a strand of sea pearls each pursuit must be counted in order for the piece of jewelry to look its best. To give answers without giving answers is the alchemy for me. Sometimes there is success, sometimes people get mad. Either way their healing temple has been activated and the holy spirit begins its process. In reality it has nothing to do with me. I just show up and read what I see.

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