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Laughing at One Self

I often go to a holistic foot massage to keep myself refreshed. They are my doctors but more than that I can listen to what my body is telling me. I often see where things are still blocked; memories, traumas, stupid things that I have done or where I need to heal myself. I take responsibility for my health and well being. It often takes research to understand and being fearless to breathe into some of those memories, but the miracle is that with just a few breathes the memories dissolves. I think that is amazing. How to fully let go of the memory, I do not know. I just ask the God of my understanding to help and let it go. That whole process takes about an hour but regularily.

Another process that I have for my life is when I jump online in the morning getting ready for the day I make it a habit to like things. The media in all forms is set up in 2 ways: to trigger your fear factor or to trigger endorphans, the warm and fuzzy feeling. I have read that your brain makes a pathway in one of these two ways. I am no doctor nor a scientist but I like to read about how the brain is effected by what I listen to and watch. My brain is my circuit board for informing the rest of myself throughout the day. I want the highter part of my brain to activate regularily. When I know what is being activated with awareness then I know what shifts need to take place, a little bit more of this, a little bit less of that.

Today I choose healthy people, places and things into my life. I choose what to consume. I choose my attittude. I choose how to develope myself. When I hear people acting cringe I try to locate what energy center the imbalance is coming from. That helps me to take out the judgement and to have commpassion for the being. They have not yet found the key to free them from their habit. The best I can do is pray for the person and if they ask I can offer a suggestion. This is why I love being a tarot reader. You cannot keep what you have unless you give it away. So many people have helped and guided me in this world, why would I not want to do it for another sincere person.

Bright Blessings!

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