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Love Elevates, A Reflection

When I was younger just starting out in the working world, I heard an employer call Valentine's Day Stupid-head Day. I thought she was funny but I was very naive and impressionable. I also grew up with the notion that I had to have everything in my life figured out by the time I was 21. There was a lot of pressure for me to perform in my family. Needless to say I had not begun to develop self esteem or self assessment let alone intuition. I did not understand that the employer was probably hurting inside.

One thing I was blessed with though is a sunny outlook on life. I have always felt that there was good in everyone, some call it happy go lucky. In spite of setbacks I have always felt that good will prevail. It was not until I became friends with the "wrong crowd" that I stated to see that not everyone has the same good favor for my life as I have for theirs. It was by observing them and then looking at the fruits in my life that I began to grow and make changes. Some people, families and groups want you to remain unclean with them. Satanic influences start with the "king of lies" who promote chaos and tell you it is a good thing.

Over time I have learned to check and balance what situation is authentically loving and what is not. A quick way to assess any situation is by understanding that Love Grows. I have listened to many people in my profession ask me about their relationship situations. When I hear people are struggling in their relationships I feel for them. I ask them the questions how they feel around the person or the situation. I ask them if they are safe. I offer guidance. I send prayers. They have to make the changes.

God has given us the gift to think for ourselves, to be our own person. We are the inheritors of Holy Spirit's favor when we behave righteously. We have been given direct ways to live our life to ensure that our fruits our good. Do you know what those ways are? Especially if you are from a Christian nation like the US we are founded upon those priciples of not allowing cult like religions to rule our personal soverienty. We can all elevate in the loving spirit of God but we have to begin with a foundation that is healthy. Evil begats evil, ducks hang with ducks. If you go to a smokey filled club don't expect you lungs to feel good the next day. We can offer our gratitude towards those who we choose to share love with through gestures like flowers and chocolates but if we are not given the gift to be our own person and vice versa the circumstance is anything but love.

I wish everyone has a sweet rememberance today of the friends and family who really cherish you. I wish you also remember the God that created this beautiful world for you to enjoy. I wish you break the chains that bind you and become a true embodiment of love, Christ consciousness, forgiveness centerd yet strong enough to not walk with unclean spirits. Elevate yourself and give others the freedom to do the same.

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