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Morning Coffee and Organizing Your Life

There are some stores that I absolutely love to go to. The staff is friendly and pleasant and the few minute interaction with a stranger leaves you feeling slightly better in a city full of chaos and hellish noise. I appreciate those few moments in the day. I feel my heart lifts and I am grateful for those workers actually. Being kind to someone you do not know shows a lot of character. I also love those moments when I take 2 or 3 minutes to sit quietly and listen to my breathing inside; inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Now I turn my attention to my heart and give gratitude to all that I do have and I say a prayer: Guide my day in peace and ease. Let me be productive, protected, and proactive.

Part of the ability for me to lead a peaceful and productive life is living simply. I do not have a lot of material things and what I do have is not flashy and modern but I am happy with it and I take care of it. Even my old car I appreciate and I will be so grateful when I can drive something upgraded. Having said that I have a path to a goal. Day after day I journal the next steps, see where I can improve, what skill I am lacking, and what I do well with. Focusing on being hyper-positive is not my goal. Neither is staying in a negative state of mind. I could feel bad that this rental has so many problems that are not being repaired, but is it worth it? Today I remain nuetral in my life and work like a jogger keeps their pace steadily towards my goals. It matters not what anyone else thinks about my life because I am the one responsible for the checks and balances at the end of the day.

Something that I have noticed being in the yoga, mataphysical, new age community for much of my adult life is the concept of toxic-positivity and how it feeds into moral relativism. Moral relativism is where the true or false in a situation have to do with how someone feels about something. For example, even though that pop singer is promoting harming children and blood sacrifices every one likes their own kind of music therefor as a pop singer myself I feel like I should be positive about the toxic messages that she is putting into a society. There is no right or wrong in the conversation because someone is choosing to remain positive. Be positive, just stay positive, you are a very negative person. Have you heard these messages? It is often the main stream media that pushes moral relativism. Look into it; divorce, alternative relationships, alcoholism, smoking, wacky school programs are all a result of media's hype throughout the decades. How about someone who has a filthy house and thinks that remaining positive about it will change the situation. How about clean your house!

Truly walking with God means to learn the skill of organizing oneself. A skill is something that can be learned. If you are a slob, you can learn to become clean. If you did not have good teachers in your childhood seek out someone who cares now at any age. It is that simple. Using the simple tool that I meantioned earlier of daily checks and balances can help one to remain in reality of a situation. There will be no need to jump into hyper-positivity or the duldrums. There is no moral relativism in this scenerio. As Stevie Wonder sings: there is good and bad in everyone. Still we all need to improve in someway. That is why we are here. We are here walk in the sunlight of the spirit. Everything that is in the way of being the best child of God that you can be has to be examined. There is no room for milktoast in this type of life. Nor does one need to be militant, just proactive. No one is going to clean your internal house for you. God is not going to help you if you do not help yourself. It does not matter if you have a fancy car or an old rusty car you can keep both clean. This is the difference between someone walking with God and someone not walking with God.

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