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Seeing Through Childlike Eyes (not childish)

As New Years Eve approaches what also comes with this time are the dreaded resolutions. Should I make resolutions? Should I not make resolutions? Should I get a resolution partner to hold me to my resolutions? Does any of this even matter? No, fine. Let me eat that last piece of chocolate cake before I tell my resolution partner about not eating anymore chocolate cake. After I tell my friend this new me will emerge and allong with it comes the strong craving for chocolate cake. What is the point of this? This is how society functions. Cities like the one where I live have much bigger problems and resolutions than eating chocolate cake still the fundamental issue is the same. Unfortunately larger issues affect more than just your own belly ache. Think about that ripple effect for a moment.

Does this internal conversation sound familiar. How many people know others who annoyingly continue to do things over and over again even though you ask them to stop? They are childish right? Now think about your inabilty to keep a resoution for your own health. Also childish isn't it. The human condition goes on and on. How do I really get better in my condition? How do I really clean the clutter, clear my energy centers? Open up to the God part of my brain and develop a nurishing relationship with the God of my understanding? It is good to stive to be better of course just as it is good to exercize to remain in healthy working shape. How do I begin to open my mind toward God? What does that even mean.

Think about this current season. Healthy environments create family holidays where the kids are the focal point because their ability to wonder, believe, feel inspired, and show gratitude is real. We encourage this sweet place in their heart through stories about Santa Clause, and the many other ways people celebrate. You know what your family tradition is. The tradition is not what matters though, it is that spirit of sweetness that we see through childlike eyes that encourages us to grow, to pray, to sing good songs, to give, to forgive, to remember and to have an open mind about the possibility of a new tomorrow. At what age do you rememeber finally starting to think that the red radio tower light was not Rudolf's red nose? How did you feel? Ponder for a moment.

Now consider again that we all have the ability as adults to still feel that childlike wonder while noticing the breath withinn ourselves, transforming our environment as a result. Please reread that again. This is the truth that is not told in school, during holidays, or really anywhere outside of a yoga class. Even church misses this beautiful point when it is expressed all over the bible in the word espirtu; meaning to breathe. Can you believe something so simple can transform our childish wishes into childlike wonder. How nice it is to go through the day with that sense of simplicity and sweetness. I naturally want to do good things, eat well, take care of my surroundings, talk nicely to people and condintue to nurture that relationship between me and my God center just by listening to my own breathing. Ponder that for a moment and Have a Truly Happy New Year, one that is Transformative, through simply listening to your own breathing.

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