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There is Enough For Everyone

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Do you ever feel like you are not seen and cannot be heard? These are common messages that we give to ourself growing up often times from the silly things that our parents tell us so we will give them a bit of peace for the moment. Like children brimming full of life our mind is also brimming full of noise in the form of ideas, criticisms, complaints, hopes, ruminations and well, very simply, chatter from the day.

People do so many things to quiet their mind from paying for a meditation program to very toxic things like drinking and drugs. If you jump on the internet there are a million and one ways to divert the noise in your mind for days upon end. Am I right? What if all the drama that we create with our mind and then with our habits comes down to one fundamental issue.

What is the issue you ask? Good, thank you for asking. It is the basic worry or fear that: I am not enough and there will not be enough for me. I cannot have what my heart truly desires and there is no place in this world for me to really be my authentically unique self. We feel this at work, school, with our friends, with our family and yes within ourselves. No one really gets who I am. I have to express the way my boss, teacher, friends and parents want me to express myself but it is not fulfilling. Or worse, I will be fired, exhiled, excommunicated in various ways for not conforming. This is a loaded topic but a very interesting one.

Over the next few posts let's journey into what it really means to BE MYSELF. Is there room in the world to be myself. Can I work doing something where I am authentically myself. Will friends and family accept me as I am? Be Myself is a small phrase for a large concept and especially now where we are immersed daily into the world of trends online how do we really uncover and love our authentic voice inside while engaging in the world around us. Let's talk about it.

See you soon with love.

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