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Twigs for the Season Cinnamon Sticks

No matter what holiday you are celebrating at this time your kitchen is sure to have the woodsy delightful aroma of cinnamon. Mixed into drinks, pies, and curries or bundled to simmer on the stove cinnamon is loaded with health benefits that you can easily do a quick search to discover.

To charm, ignite, draw or see; cinnamon, cinnamon blessed be!

I am going to share a magickal recipe that has ancient roots to use with your Yule Log. During the more agrarian days country folk would bring in their freshly cut tree to decorate with candles during the darkest part of the season. The unused cut of stump was set into the fire place to burn from the solstice or Christmas until aroud January 5th, known as the 12th Night. There are many different reasons for this warming ritual and if you do live in a cold climate where using a fire place is common here is a spicy addition using cinnamon.

Take a small bundle of cinnamon sticks and wrap them with a thread. You may add sprigs of fresh herbs like rosemary, juniper, or holly and ivy to give them a holiday dressing. Add a ribbon for good luck and hang them above the threshhold of your home starting towards the beginning of December. It is said that cinnamon draws in wealth. On the eve of the winter solstice or Christmas eve depending upon your religion light the bundle SAFELY or place in a simmer pot if you have no fireplace. Say a small prayer or greeting to welcome back the light and warmth into your home as the winter aroma encircles. Give a silent thank you for all of the different types of wealth in your life. Sing songs with your family and friends or play holiday music and be merry!

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