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Valentine's Day everyday including today

I certainly do hope everyone is celebrating Valentine's Day, today and everday. Isn't it nice to be a part of the fun. I remember making paper mache boxes decorated with colorful lace and paper vintage hearts all rosey red. We would cut out a hole in the top of the box to put store boughten valentines for everyone in the class. The teacher would treat us with the candy hearts with a message of course. Even parents would endulge in balloons and my dad was always a flower giver. He ruined it for anyone else trying to become my friend. How do you spell - s-p-o-i-l-e-d. Memories like this forever leave a sweet imprint even for commercial holidays like Valentine's Day.

As with every holiday these days they come under scrutiny from anthropologists, biblical scolars, historians or occultists all claiming to have the first rite of the day. Whatever. Who does not like flowers and the age old tradition of a Romeo choosing his Violette. Yes I know it is Juliette. ;). Shakespeare had a fatel ending, one I am not very found of although he could sell a play couldn't he. Shrug off being a grouch this year and allow spring to ignite a whimsical playful mood with those around you. Handmake sweet treat, or savory, to give as a greeting of the time of year we all long for. As they say: put a little love in your heart. At least make crafts with children if you have them. Seeing others smile is being kind.

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