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Victim or Victor

It is easy to jump into a yoga class, start a meditation practice or take up a new creative hobby when you have the time. It is even easier when you are in a desperate circumstance to feel the need for change in some habit, action or activity. There is nothing wrong with either situation. There is nothing wrong with having reasons to improve your life. If you are blessed enough to follow your heart with intellegence and succeed then give a little encouragement to your neighbor. Share the blessings.

Having said that, what does it take to go through really challanging times? Or better yet what blocks us the most? Let's talk about guildt. Guildt is the great conundrum of being human. It is what instigates all of us to look deeper at ourself. If guildt is poking it's finger in your eye you want to remove it as quickly as possible. You want to swipe at the finger, get away, or maybe poke back. "What have I done?": you say. "How about what have you done?". And the world continues to go around with a circus of blame throwing. It's uncomfortable. We all have this inner mechanism called guildt and what we choose to do with it is key to a successful life.

The sages teach suprisingly that guildt is inherant to being human. What does that mean? Get ready to laugh. You do not have to do anything to feel guildty. Just being in a body is enough. Now the puzzle takes form and the question becomes more apparent. What can I do to releive this limitation? I would imagine there are many ways to be victorious over this anxiety ridden feeling. Let's give ourselves some homework into discovering what is the antidote to my personal guildt. Who do I go to to ask, and how willing am I to follow through with the remedy? We all will go through those moments of feeling alone whether you confess to being on a spiritual path or not. It will be extremely valuable to have this wisdom when life turns up the heat to remind you to keep moving and to keep breathing one step at a time.

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