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Bounty and Being Serviceful

Having the Godly quality of being helpful or serviceful is a blessing. I give thanks to my family for their example and to my Christian heritage that teaches: do unto others. Being serviceful though is more than just fear or reciposity. It is an innate feeling of joy when someone else is thought about or cared for. Today's ever increasingly narcissistic world teaches: I, Me, Mine, Look at me, Give to me, I go first, What you have is mine. There is an ever increasing void that never feels satisfied. It is the absense of true awakening in your God Center.

Most ancient religions have some way to express the importance of being serviceful. Take Hinduism for example. In the Vaishnava tradition followers are often given names with Das or Dasi at the end that translates into servant. The concept is that one serves the infinite God instread of the finite self. It is a very beautiful expression to be humble enough to serve God in a simple way according to your temprament. There is no need for a show or for chasing after what anyone else does because each person has their own unique expression.

To take this concept a step further in Judism the idea of serving others is equally if not more important than self manifest. It is the act of selfless giving, care and understanding of another that keeps the flow of bounty in your life. These unnatural qualities must be developed not unlike working a muscle; if you don't use it, you lose it.

It is nearing July. The heat of the season is starting to peak and most people are ready to party. There is a greater plan though and certain seasons are for preparing for what is to come. In all of the seasonal excitement try to utilize the tiny sacrifice of selfless service, at least once a week. Try to give to the needs of another person without expecting anything in return. Leave the acknowledgement to God, who sees everything. You will be blessed according to the level of your internal sincerity.

Shalom. Shanti. Peace

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