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The Lady of the Lake

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Reflect gratitude in all things is a hidden secret. Whether you are going through a difficult challenge or a dream come true your check list should always consist of 2 words: Thank you. It does not matter if the words are well received or even understood as long as they come from the heart. Completion will come naturally and feel natural as a result.

Thank you for this opportunity to learn, grow and reach out of my comfort zone; however great or small is of no importanct. Knowing that you are a stronger person for each situation is the main concept. There will be more understanding to offer to thyself and more patience to offer to others as a result of this thanks giving.

The Lady of the Lake does hold a watery treasure, not just a gold pot full of nectar or coins falling from her palms. She holds the gift of gratitude in all things. From there expression flows freely, authentically and it is a perfect way to stay in the moment. Thank you :)

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