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We Are All Unique

When we all begin our healing journey no matter what our profession in life we have to set aside time for reflection. It can be a matter of life and death. In order to live a fulfilling life one's physical well being is crucial. We need to take care of our body. How else can you uphold the many responsibiites of life without your sturdy body. 1 month is optimal two times a year for this well being break. Even a week or a weekend to quiet your senses is beneficial. Unlike the western medicinal practice of treating sympotms the holistic approach treats your whole self. Fair enough? What is the process? Firstly quiet your surroundings. Next have a consultation about your daily habits. Then begin the nurturing therapies that your body needs. Finally you begin to hear a little more clearly your unique voice. It will provide you with all of the infomation that you need for the next phase of your life's adventure. Does this sound inviting? It should. Does it require major life changes? Not necessarily and that is up to you. Now take a deep breath and realize that in each moment change is happening. Does this feel even more inviting? I invite you to peak a little to further into what your heart is asking of you. Do this by taking the break that you need, a small inward moment uniquely designed for you.

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