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What it Means to be a Witch

With so many brands of witches, on social media alone one can scroll through images, histories, spells, charms and many schools of thought surrounding who is the most witchiest and why. When we really ask ourselves who has been called this word "Witch" or who self proclaims this title it leads to something more profound. Pharmakis, aoidos, haliurunnae, priestess, seer, shaman, wise person, piccan, are all country people who used natures gifts as medicine, for special jewelry or means of communication.

In biblical terms the word witch was feared. Exodus 22:18 - Thous shalt not suffer a witch to live. Let's really look at 2 words in this scripture: To LIVE. Taken back to the dark ages we all know what happened during the witch hunts and witch trials. If you don not know there are many recources to paint a gruesome picture. "To live", in a deeper statement alludes to the life which resides in all beings. In other words it is the connected and personal state of vibration that resides inside of everyone. Witches innately appreciate this process and to take it a step further know how to utilize this potency.

We can hear, some see, some understand, feel and even smell the current of energy that resides all over in everything. Witches are called gifted, they are called quackery. Call them what you will since the beginning of time people have saught out the wisdom of these wise healers for many personal reasons. What a blessing to be of service in this way. I have even heard someone called a "snotty Witch" for utilizing her power of voice called speaking. Witches have suffered at the hands of puritans, ingnoramouses and green eyed monsters thorughout time. This has not stopped the witch from following their way.

I am proud to be called a witch. I feel satisfaction standing in the present of truth healers, true wisdom keepers and all those who can create safety in the storm called life. You may be wondering how you can too become a witch? There are many incredible teachers to choose from. Find one and ask. They offer ther own flavor and truth. Blessed be all the witches. Blessed be the good souls who are here to help in raising our youth in safety and in raising humanity in reverance for the living spirit.

We all seek to light that inner lamp, this is not a mystery. But begin today to ask who am I really? What am I here to do and how can I get started? These questions are intellegent questions that only you can answer as you seek out your own journey in life. I found my path through the heart utilizing a hand crafted life as a an extention love and joy. I have had several wonderful guides and the beauty of this life is that it continues to expand, take form then change and grow. Gratitude is the light along my cackling way. Creativity is my cornerstone. Many blessings to you.

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